What Nixtamalization is and why we use it

What Nixtamalization is and why we use it

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Corn is found in many modern day american diets, but we do it differently. There is a huge stigma against corn with the new health movements, but it is misunderstood. Almost all of the corn we have today is extremely processed in forms such as high fructose corn syrup. We have even had individuals with corn allergies sample our products and have had no reaction like they do with others. Why is that? Its  because of the source of the corn and how its made. 

Nixtamalization is an ancient process discovered and used by indigenous people. It involves soaking corn overnight in lime water, washing it, and then grinding it into a mash or dough that is called masa. This process is much more time consuming and today almost no one does it. Even in tortilla factories all over the world, real corn is not even in their facility. How crazy is that? All they use is an instant mix called maseca that is also filled with lots of chemicals. By taking the extra time to soak and cook the corn we can bring out more flavors, aromas, and improve the nutrition profile. When the European settlers were showed this process they didn't understand the importance of it and just assumed it was a crazy superstition. Corn soon became a main ingredient in the diet of Europe, Africa, India and China. But it didn't undergo the process of Nixtamalization. This step was skipped and as a result a life threatening disease was developed called pellagra because of the lack of vitamin B. The nixtamalization process frees up Vitamin B3 and makes it a more wholesome food. 

By using a corn like ours that is a non-GMO heirloom seed and using the process of nixtamalization, you are getting product that is made with a quality ingredient and process that you can't find almost anywhere else in the world.  

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