Package of Atole drink mix & package of Azulitas
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Back of the azulitas packaging.
Blue and brown cup with hot atole sitting on a plate with a cinnamon stick.
Azulitas sitting on a concrete counter with cinnamon sticks in the background.
Package of atole and package of azulitas held up in front of a mural.
Cup with hot atole with a spoon holding drink mix powder resting on top. The text reads "easy instant mix"
Cup with hot atole with the text "add atole to your choice of milk, coffee, smoothie, or yogurt."
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Hand holding a cup of hot atole in front of a multicolored, geometric mural.
A package of atole and a package of azulitas behind a cup with hot atole sitting on a white plate with five azulita cookies.
Blue corn background with the text "made with organic blue corn"

Atole & Azulitas Bundle

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Symbols displaying that the products are organic, vegan, non-gmo, gluten free, mexican sourced, and made in the United States.


A hispanic and healthy twist on milk and cookies. Simply add a couple tablespoons of our all natural instant mix to your choice of milk and pair them with these bite size sugar cookies. Both made with blue corn and packed full of antioxidants and complex carbs to give your body the energy and good fuel it needs. Each product is gluten free, vegan friendly and non gmo. Because we use simple natural ingredients our products are healthier and taste better.


ATOLE IS BEST KNOWN AS A TRADITIONAL, HOT MEXICAN BEVERAGE: Atole is consumed with water or milk. Although popular around the holidays, atole can be served warm or cold anytime. Bring strength & warmth to your diet!

THIS PERFECT COLD-WEATHER DRINK CAN BE SERVED THICK OR THIN: Depending on your desired thickness, atole can be consumed as a thin, warm beverage or as a thick, hot porridge. Simply add mix to steamed or heated milk, stir, & enjoy.

GREAT SOURCE OF ANTIOXIDANTS & OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS: Contains the same antioxidants found in blueberries, Atole contains iron, fiber, & cinnamon. These antioxidant-rich nutrients support the immune system & help to prevent viruses & inflammation.

COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES FOR LONG-LASTING ENERGY: Atole is the perfect substitute for your morning coffee! Complex carbs break down over a longer period of time, giving your body long-lasting energy throughout the day without the crash of caffeine.


Our Azulitas are a take on traditional Mexican wedding cookies, but with a healthier, blue corn twist! Each cookie is crafted to have the perfect blend of sweetness, but made with all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan-friendly ingredients. Rich in antioxidants and complex carbs, eat these organic, blue corn cookies guilt-free!

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Sheryl Jackson

I saw this on Shark Tank. It was too new for the Sharks to invest, but I wanted to try it & I’m glad I did. Delicious spicy flavor. I’ll be buying again.

Joy Nash
Great product

I love the cookies and the mix-will definitely reorder-planning to get some tortillas too next time.

Kim Weeks
Pleasantly surprised

Like the graininess, and the flavor was very good!

Gladys Favela

I love your tortillas hoping you guys succeed and go bigger then El milagro tortillas here in Chicago. We need a better healther tortillas. Thank you 😊 And i am here to support and send all the love. Thank you again! Go PINOLE BLUE 💙🔵💙

Maria Avina Franco

Yummy little cookies of heaven pack with flavor. Texture my be a bit different than the cookies you may had in the past. Great little snack before sports because it does not bother you tummy. Love them!